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Franchise Opportunity

Such high profits, with minimum risk can't come by trying a new business concept. The best way to get immediate profits is to become a ResQRoom franchisee and lock competition out of your city!

ResQRoom gives you professional credibility which could take you years to achieve with the following benefits:

1. 800% Returns on Investment - ResQRoom gives you a proven business model with high returns on your investment. It’s HIGHER than most businesses in the market!

2. Business auto-mode on Day 1 - Just 1 receptionist required to run the entire center. Don't spend your valuable time running the day to day affairs of your ResQRoom franchisee. Get enough time to continue with your existing business.

3. Negligible recurring Maintenance - Imagine a business where you don't have panic breakdown calls nor do you have to invest in high maintenance cost. Your turnover = your profit.

4. 99% Satisfied customers - Wouldn't it be great if all your customers went out happy and enjoying. Most of the time they thank you for being your clients! How many business can boast of that?

5. No profit sharing or Royalty to Franchisor – Finally, a business where you don't have to share profits with the franchisor; which means you are working only for you and not the franchisor, Great isn't it?