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No do not worry. Each room is lit up enough for you to go through the entire clue solving. Also there are no horror elements in any of the resQrooms. If your team players non-ability to use logic scares you....even we will not be able to help you!!! Besides that you will be closely monitored by our team.

Each mission in ResQroom is designed for 2 - 7 players. At one time we can accomodate upto 21 players. We can host multiple sessions for larger groups. We also plan activities for larger groups upto 200 players. Call us on 9325079191 for corporate packages.

10 years & above is the perfect age. But you are never to old to attempt a mission. After all who would not like to feel like a hero? Also none of our missions are physically tiring.

Each game lasts for 60 thrilling minutes. Be there 15 minutes before your slot time so we can tell you exactly how to go maximize the experience at ResQroom. Are you one of those people who always get delayed? Well you might just be one of those super heros to perform the mission in lesser time and race against the 60 minutes clock that started ticking long long back!!!

Our team will constantly monitor your progress. If you think you are stuck and need help, they will come to resQ you. But it will come at a cost. You will lose 2 mintues from the clock for each hint at ResQroom.

Besides your thinking cap, not much. Be comfortably dressed for you to enjoy the experience. You will be provided with a locker at the start to leave your belongings including your phones!

Ofcouse! While you can share your experiences and views on social media, kindly do not share the suspense that surronds each game. This will allow others as well to experience ResQroom completely. Also NO videos, photographs or clues of the game are to be shared. A breach in this can result in serious legal action.

Even a simple bathroom trip is incomplete without a photo! We will have some exciting photo points where you can pose with your team, whilst we shoot camera ofcourse! You can share these memories with you friends (making them jealous) by getting those zillion likes on social media.